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Café breakfast

I think that it's important to give yourself some extra luxury right on an ordinary day. So today, Friday, Me and Faa is going to a Café to eat breakfast with a friend. I love coffee shops. It's expensive here in Sweden but once in a while we pretend that we afford it an goes anyway.

I love today!!

Thursdays theme - Circus

I draw the poster of Elvira Madigan.


Anorexia in the toystore

For about a week ago Betsy, Nangfaa and me went on a small shopping trip.We were out looking for big paintings to paint over. We didn't find that, but a lot of other stuff that we didn't need. But suddenly Nangfaa found the "toys corner"and I really got a chock when I saw what she had found. Judge yourself.


Then we went to another store.

I don't know what's worst, anorectic teenage popstars or anorectic moms. Both people that our kids are looking up to.

Well I guess I don't have to say that we didn't buy any doll that day. 

Please post these pictures on your blogs and start to say know to these kinds of toys. 


Oh yea!

I have a new toshiba, so let's start blogging again! I'll try to find some time to blog think-worthy posts. Nice picures and also some self written poems and homemade art.

Now I'm waiting for my brother to be a father. they've been at the hospital about 35 hours now, and no baby yet.


The blessing of God

The blessing of God, the vision on you life isn't always the easiest path to take.

God have spoken to me for a few years now, showing me the path that I should take. And yea, it might seem easy at the time when you are miles and miles away and the timing isn't mentioned. But when it's getting closer, it get pretty scary I most say. To trust in God is scary, but even though, the only right choice to take.